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Explore Vermont on the Byways

The best way to "meet" Vermont is to get off its Interstate Highways and onto our secondary roads. These are the roads that take you to the towns and villages settled when America was young, and that thrive today as centers for Vermont's lively arts, recreation, culinary, and cultural scenes.

Dodge Falls Mad River image of woman on overlook

 Vermont byways range from 30 miles in length to over 400 miles in length. Historic sites, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities abound along each byway. Biking, walking and ski trails, canoe and kayak access, swimming holes, camping and picnic areas, incredible scenery, shopping, artisans, educational opportunities, and a great deal more is available. And traveling Vermont's designated byways is easy. Friendly staff at Information and Waypoint Centers help you get the most enjoyment possible from your visit.

burlington harborVermont Byways are established from the ground up by local residents taking part in the National Scenic Byways Program, and funded through the Federal Highway Administration. Byway supporters realize their local areas are rich in history, culture, scenic and recreational opportunities. They are proud of their heritage and the place they call home and want to tell their story to you, their guest.

Visit Vermont and discover the people and places that made, and are still making Vermont, the special place it is.

Receive a Vermont Byway Brochure at your home. Complete this form. Be sure to select ‘Historic/Scenic Byways’ from the dropdown list under ‘Favorite Activities.’