Connecticut River National Byway

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Welcome to Vermont's only byway to date to receive national recognition. The Byway is a two-state byway spanning the east and west shores of the Connecticut River in both Vermont and New Hampshire. 

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Linking Two States

The Connecticut River is the natural resource that unites New Hampshire and Vermont for over half of the waterway's 410-mile journey from the Canadian border to the Atlantic Ocean. The Byway's scenic vistas will long be remembered after your journey has ended.

A Long History

image of covered bridgeThe history of New England's longest and most powerful river reaches back into time. It is the story of clashing continental plates and glaciers, the story of Abenaki (Abenaki Nation) living lightly on the land. Along its shores the story of colonial settlement in this region is documented.  The earliest stories are found in its villages, surrounded by lush fields and forests, whose architectural distinction still dominates the valley today. 

Visit the birthplace of Vermont, drive across a two span covered bridge 465 feet long built in 1866, visit a museum housing the largest collection of historically significant machine tools in the nation. See the old Boston-Maine steam locomotive #494 built in 1892, and wander through two restored historic railroad stations that now serve as waypoint centers. You can visit farms, craft and antiques shops, watch glass blowing, visit a micro brewery and so much more.  Then cross the Connecticut River and travel the New Hampshire side of the byway where all new experiences await you.


Comfortably spaced along the byway are Waypoint Centers that provide a wealth of information and clean restroom facilities to travelers. Our Waypoint Centers will guide you to plenty of dining and lodging opportunities, locally made products, recreational opportunities and any information you may need to make your time spent in the valley of the Connecticut River a time to remember always.


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