Molly Stark Byway

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                Molly Stark Byway


The Molly Stark Byway, traverses southern Vermont along Route 9 from Brattleboro to Bennington. The byway is named after the wife of General John Stark who led the Colonial militia to a victory at the Battle of Bennington on August 16, 1777. to learn more about the Battle of Bennington visit:

chamber visitor center in Wilmington, VT. image of Bennington Battle Monument boys and drums

A Rich History

The Vermont State Legislature named the road the Molly Stark Trail in 1936 commemorating the route taken by General Stark and his Vermont and New Hampshire troops during their victorious march home after the Battle of Bennington. Walking tours through historic districts, a trip to the top of the Bennington Monument, and several local museums enhance this sense of history. These historic features of the byway are complemented by the rich natural, scenic, recreational, and cultural resources found along the route.

Vibrant and Unique

The Molly Stark Byway winds its way through lowland valleys, historic villages, busy downtowns, and the spectacular Green Mountain National Forest. Anchored at either end by vibrant historic town centers in Brattleboro and Bennington, and including a classic New England crossroads village in Wilmington in between, a trip along the 48 mile byway is a great way to experience the full character of southern Vermont. 

Hogback Mountain viewThe scenic byway is filled with legendary Vermont names like General John StarkEthan AllenRobert Frost, and Grandma Moses. It passes famous monuments, unique settlements (like Woodford, the highest village in Vermont at 2,215 feet above sea level), historic districts, hiking trails, state parks, winter sports centers, lakes, streams and waterfalls.