Stone Valley Byway

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Vermont Route 30, spanning Manchester to Hubbardton through the Mettawee Valley is the Stone Valley Byway. Traveling the byway takes you through an area with a rich history in slate and marble production.  You'll also be traveling through incredible scenery with a wealth of recreational, and cultural amenities. 

Village of Dorset Mach's store green mtn college

A Place to Relax

A trip on the Stone Valley Byway is highlighted by mountain slopes that provide a dramatic backdrop to the rural landscape. Historic, picturesque towns dot the valley floor, and a rich agricultural community has been created by soils that have accumulated alongside the free-flowing Mettawee and Poultney Rivers.

scenic mountains and lakeLake Bomoseen and Lake St. Catherine, are State Parks (VT State Parks), other smaller water bodies, golf courses and trails along the byway corridor offer exceptional natural, scenic, and recreational opportunities.

This byway offers travelers some very relaxing down time in some of the most picturesque settings Vermont has to offer.